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About recyclable tv
About recyclable tv

We live in a transitional period where existential questions cannot stay any more without an answer: how to stop compromising the future of the human being and of our planet? It is more than ever necessary to act and to use tools – such as the art and the media – to inform, educate and raise people awareness on the best manners to assure our survival and our collective well-being.

The Recyclable Magazine is a crossroads of ideas and information regarding environment and ecology. We emphasize the technologies using or favoring renewable energies, the permaculture, vegetarianism, meditation as well as the yoga. Furthermore, the Recyclable Magazine promotes numerous talented artists on the Montreal’s independent scene.

Nowdays when important choices are imperative to protect the environment, we consider every person as an important contributor to the well-being of the planet. In this magazine you can find yoga instrutors, nutritionists or ecologista that share advice/guidelines which can contribute to individual self esteem and respect to the environment.

Posted on June 7, 2015

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