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AKido is the moniker of Kim Gaboury, a Montreal based electronic musician and composer who, in the past five years has released three albums on his label Nordique Records. Dubbed « local underground high flier » and « the best kept secret in our latitudes » by some in the Montreal press, aKido has been celebrated for creating a sound that marries elements of experimental rock and indie electronica into a catchy arrangement. Alongside the release of his instrumental hit “Dancing in Chains”, a notorious remix of “Beggin” for the ADIDAS Originals campaign has only served to cement aKido’s renown. While Gaboury’s tracks encompass a wide range of electronic and rock styles, he avoids classifications. Textura.org said “aKido’s music raves without lapsing into out-of-control mayhem, and its elegance is bolstered by the inclusion silky vocals. Also distinguishing the music is the fact that Gaboury composes songs, not tracks, so that electronic pop pieces like “Cause Celebre”, for example, impress as studiously arranged and sequenced wholes. Songs repeatedly take surprising twists and turns. Symphonic electronic pop, shoegaze guitar riffing, traces of drum’n’bass and acid all lurk in there.” Montreal Nightlife Magazine adds “As much swirling, moody gothic pop new-wave as electronic experimentation, aKido seems hooked on classics and moves through the past in a most contemporary way.” The unusual track “Les Humains” ft. Pierre Falardeau and it’s groundbreaking digital animation video won multiple awards around the world and over the years has become a local underground classic.

Posted on June 6, 2015

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