Bees Are Coming in Town |
Bees Are Coming in Town
Bees Are Coming in Town

The number of bee hives in Montreal exploded since 2011. We now counted 240 across the island, according to Miel Montreal, a cooperative of beekeepers.

The roofs on TOHU, the Ahuntsic College and the city hall of Mont-Royal, among others that began to buzz through the presence of pollinators.

Approximately 80% of flowering in plants are foraged by this insect, according to Branislav Babic, Api Guru Inc. A company

specialized in urban bee-keeping. Increasing interest for urban agriculture in Montréal is a major argument that boosts interest for urban apiculture. This city swarms are also part of a movement for saving this species that is vital for the survival our increasingly threatened agriculture.

Since 2006, millions of bees are dying in North America. The use of pesticides in agricultural ecosystems is one of the main causes. Montreal is an oasis for bees, as these chemicals have been banned from the island.

Posted on August 20, 2016