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Composting 2.0
Composting 2.0

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Every year, Quebec families send an average of 675kg of organic matter to the landfills. For the Quebec system, that represents about 50 000 garbage trucks delivering the waste to the dump (Recyc-Quebec). In other words, about 40% of your garbage is re-usable or recyclable materials.

The Quebec Government predicts that 100% of organic waste will be separated from other waste and recovered by 2020. The municipality does not currently offer public compost, yet there are many options available to the population.

In Montreal, SODER, an organization responsable for the Écoquartiers in Rosemont, has created a smart phone application to generate more education and interest in composting. brings information about programs the Écoquartier offers to the tips of your fingers. Helpful advice includes what can and can’t be composted and how to get rid of fruit flies. There is also an instructive and fun quiz-game great for young and old alike, an original and effective way to know more about wasting less.

Posted on June 5, 2015

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