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A native of Ivory Coast, Gotta Lago embodies all the wealth, beauty and heat of Africa in its traditions and cultural diversity. A lover of jazz and classical music, Gotta grew up in a traditional musical universe, learning the basics of guitar so he could sing popular songs. In the early 90’s, he studied music at the National
Conservatory of Music in Abidjan. Meanwhile, his job as an archivist at the National Library allowed him to discover the richness of his African heritage. After these formative experiences he immigrated to Canada in 1998 and settled in Montreal. Integrating easily into the city’s artistic scene, he has participated in many projects

and collaborations. He founded Gotta Lago Project in 2004, a group that fuses traditional African music with blues and modern trends of world music. Winner of the “Coup de Coeur des Francos” and the “Showcases de Vitrines des musiques métissées” of Montreal in June 2012, in 2014 he is producing “Carnets de Routes Soweto-Marrakech.”

Posted on June 18, 2015

Camera - video editing - Interviewer