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Better After (Meilleur Après)
Better After (Meilleur Après)

In the film ” Better After “, the director Arianne Clément accompanies a group of freegans that organizes a dinner in which 100% of the food comes from garbages. A discussion between the dumpster divers and merchants exposes various aspects of the recycling movement called dumpster diving.

Words of the director:

In big cities like Montreal, dumpsters of supermarkets abound in food still good for consumption.

If part of the thrown food is discarded because imperfections or its about to be expired, then lots of food found in the trash is still edible.

Concerned about the socio-economic and ecological impacts that imply excessive consumption in industrialized countries, meanwhile freegans are resisting such way by getting their food from the dumpsters. This practice allows them to save large sums of money, and promote friendly meetings such as potluck meals.

Dumpster diving, however, is not unanimous; While some traders support the approach of freegans, others strongly opposed by padlocking the trash or dumping toxic products such as bleach.

Agricultural producers are concerned that such a move undermines their business.

There are also concerns about health problems related to filthy dumpsters and the risk of poisoning from the consumption of expired products.

By giving voice to an idealistic community in which their alternative mode of consumption inspires curiosity, misunderstanding, resistance, disgust, pity or praise, “Best After” wants to dispel prejudices on these “raccoons” that invade the Montreal’s dustbins.

“Best After” is also a film to raise awareness on the problem of food waste, food industry practices and consumer habits.

Posted on June 27, 2015

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