Recyclable magazine – Launch event |
Recyclable magazine – Launch event
Recyclable magazine – Launch event

Recyclable magazine, has launched its first print edition on 100% recycled paper.

Recyclable magazine promotes eco-friendly lifestyles and independent art. Our work is to follow, encourage and inform the environmental and cultural diversity of a global collective culture.

The event took place in Montreal on 21 March 2014. It lasted more than 12 hours and more than 300 people attended.

It was a memorable day thanks to all the support of collaborators and sponsors who made this launch possible.

This latest event had the participation of diverse ambassadors of Montreals art and ecological scenes.

The enclosure walls were illuminated by Fulux using light boxes with a photo exhibition by Federico Uribe.

The first presentation of the day was the result of an eclectic musical fusion between Paulo Bottas and Krucis Khan: a mix of Brazilian and Asian influences.

It was followed by a musical improvisation between Anith’s Gosh violin and the Chinese harp (or Guyeng) from Matt Wiviott.

Up next,, the “Cirque Jeunesse en Équilibre” surprised the audience with acrobatics, juggling and African dance performed by Mamoudou Diallo and Alisson Griffin.

Thereafter, the orchestra “Gaita Nuestra” intervened with an expression of Venezuelan folklore.

Later that afternoon, the group Bumaranga, winner of the 2013 Sylidor, made the audience dance to the rhythm of Gaitas and Afro-Colombian drums.

Immediately after, the band « Los Viejha » captivated the audience with a sample of its Mexican folklore “Son Jarocho.”

Finally, the rhythm of the Caribbean, the group Rara Soley closed the show with a lavish presentation of Haitian folklore. No one could keep from dancing.

Posted on June 30, 2015

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