Towards a green roof |
Towards a green roof
Towards a green roof

Urban Agriculture came on to the scene in Montreal in 2003 when the first rooftop gardens started popping up. Since then, several green roof garden companies have been born and the concept is evolving quickly. Prime examples in Montreal include Fermes Lufa, responsible for the construction of an enormous 31 000 sq. ft. greenhouse on the roof of a warehouse in Ahuntsic, and the University of Montreal and Concordia who have green rooftop spaces for years now. The City of Montreal created the Urban Agriculture Collective Work Committee in 2013 as a response to the many inquiries made by residents. The mandate of the committee is the development of better practices in this domain. Public interest is strong, as demonstrated by the over 30 000 people who have requested information or consultations regarding rooftop gardens and community gardens. Montreal’s green network counts almost a hundred community gardens pulling together over 15 000 gardeners. There are an additional 50 collective gardens and over a hundred rooftop gardens. We are still defining and refining the framing and regulations of this growing movement. The City of Toronto, which counts many rooftop gardens has prohibited the raising of chickens on rooftops. The Queens’ City has defended their decision saying that chicken coops would raise costs for city dog pounds. Other cities, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, New York and Chicago allow egg-laying chickens on rooftops.Here in Quebec, we have yet to decide together what regulations we can use to grow and govern our green spaces.

Posted on June 15, 2015